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Starry Messenger (2012)

by The Dropa Stone

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Vectors 04:06
You don't remember All that I cannot forget I'm tripping sideways Down a path of regret So long This changes everything Entertainment industry equals A distraction to soften the blow
Red Cloud 03:51
Today is gonna be the day I build up the courage to free my inner slave Truth be told, I wrap my eyes around the prize And reap what you sow My eyes are searching up and down To seek abandoned ground and a path to integrity Truth be told, I wrap my eyes around the prize And reap what you sow So close your eyes Focus your mind See how they run They won't return I want to rid you of your silly games I never thought you'd ever feel this way again From the moment you walked out of my life Was the time I realized your place for good Controlling by your hand from the moment after next I slip, I trip, I fall All alone
Your thrown, I see it falling down You lost your head somehow Don't leave a trail behind Red desert sun grows atrophy The drive, the feast, the curse Your motive gunslinger Defenses have spilled blood Your lover dying at your feet Oracle, tell me no lies Give me what I need The succubus, my mind, is tangled underneath us Your fate, the voice inside your head The driving force pretends to lead you down a path of certain death You must prevail! The drive, the feast, the cure Your motive gunslinger Defenses have spilled blood Your lover dying at your feet A feeling comes inside of me Closing around my throat again Put to rest a yearning that I knew so well My environment, canvas and a catalog Innocence I lost when I saw you fall
Salsa Verde 05:38
What you are is wonderful Truly a sight for my sore eyes I was meant to fly away To catch every sunset to remedy skies Only to find it was like this the day before Oh no...where did you run? What you are colorful Like shining a light through triangular prisms Open my mind to your body and wisdom I know what is and was but in every face I only see your smile Oh no...where did you go? And she said you wanna go for a ride? All around, up and down, let me take you inside For ride that you'll never forget
Stick around cuz I'm caught in the middle Of a storm cloud of fiscal greed Anything you want at arms length Anything at all you "need" You're a holy roller There goes the holy roller Who sold out what he preached You're a holy roller There goes the holy roller Who sold out his unspoken creed Where is the lost middle? The common principle? You exhibit mass appeal, don't ya? Cigarette in your mouth as you walk in place You opened up a door me It's kind of funny how the truth has always been distorted But then again this ain't no comedy
Dive 03:51
So long ago, nautical journey begins To the depth of your heart Would I be right about you? Home is when I am with you planting a seed It's the miles and the miles I can fill all the spaces between This night will go to waste, let you decide my fate The waves slowly crashing, full moon ever lasting My arms wrapped around your waste Sweetness drips from your face Your hips slowly moving to my hearts revolutions Dive a little bit deeper I can feel your muscle memory kicking in I feel just like a boy inside your arms and a man all tangled in your bed If I knew any better I would say your mind is wandering again Is this all that you are? Is this all that you are? So you said come alone Leave your inhibitions at home Polaroid shots of time Foundations based on a dream
Step forward and hold your own The lapse in your memory is where we want to go Close your eyes and focus on The point in your life that you fell behind the herd Savior, you never saved me In fact I don't recall anyone you saved at all Lying on your back with your head up in the clouds Obscured by introspective wicked thoughts As if you knew the answers all along, but you don't The truth is that your guess is as good as mine Your motive escapes me And it's driving me out my head It's over now Finito! Complete You're dead in your tracks Got you backed up against a wall Let's rearrange your mental state Do unto yourself what you've come to know all along Play it cool, there's nothing to see here...
Well I wish I was a catfish Swimming in the deep blue sea I'd have all you pretty looking women Fishing after me Well I went to my baby's house And I sat on her front steps She said come on in, so I did She said I need your loving She said I want your loving She said I need it Want it Gotta have it Need it all night long
Sandcastles 06:14
Things are not always what they appear to be When they camouflage and isolate reality Blood suckers, my neck is wearing thin All by your self, there's no one else to blame Never thought it would go down like this All by your self, there's no one else Hold it all together man, it doesn't matter anyway When push comes to shove you better pull And learn to take a dive Hold it all together, come out strong I show what it takes it takes to be alone


Produced by Justin Beckler, The Dropa Stone released their anticipated new album Starry Messenger on March 16th, 2012. They performed CD release shows at the House of Blues and Hard Rock Live, with a heavy touring schedule thereafter through 2013.


released March 16, 2012

Recorded and Mixed by: Justin Beckler
Produced by: Justin Beckler and The Dropa Stone
Mastered by: George Harris

Jon Meyers - Guitar/Vocals
Justin Henry - Lead Guitar
Joe Lederman - Drums
Will Richey - Bass


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The Dropa Stone Florida

THE DROPA STONE is an alt-rock quartet out of Florida. The band’s distinct voice--marked by a fusion of hypnotic and soulful melodies--crosses several genres, including psychedelic rock, blues, and pop.

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